fredag, september 08, 2006

great news!!! great need!!!

Hi, Matthew here; copying and pasting from an email:) on behalf of the Steinkjer team:

Our prayers is like incense to the Lord and our fasting and praises a living sacrifice. We have hope for Steinkjer. Miracles are happening.
1.- When I was in Turkey I preached the gospel to some men and one has giving his life to Christ and he is reading everyday the Bible. What an ecouragement.
2.- In our garden there is two old plum trees and they were barren. I have been praying and blessing these trees and a wonderful surprise!!!!. We harvest about 3 kilos of plums. As they are by faith, they were so sweet.
3.- A woman in Steinkjer has fasted 6 days because she wanted to fight for her family.
4.- In the last meeting for "Barna Festival" we all dance holdings hands about 20 people. they look warriors and I felt as if I was dancing alone, same anoitning.
GREAT NEED:Barna Festival is the 16 and 17 September and the 14th we have the last meeting of prayer. We declared that day a day of fasting!!!! We need to see a miracle to hapen among the children and families.
Our theme is: "Come and taste Gods love" Jesus said: " I am the bread of life and the living water" Bread and water are esencial for our physical bodies and Jesus for our spiritual life. We need to fight for our children in Steinkjer because this generation is growing without knowing God. I want to see God's victory in that day.

EASTHER the warrior

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