mandag, oktober 16, 2006

HEY! Sorry but its not working to put pictures in :(

Nå vil vi bare fortelle at vi HAR arrangert SPORT-X i SKIBOTN! Tror vi alle er fornøyd med dagen. Det kom ca 70 unger, 10 av dem var eldre enn 7 klasse. Så den største gruppa var fra 5 til 7 klasse. Det var artig å se hvor ivrige de var. Særlig fotball lagene var skikkelig "på hugget" noen med ny lagde drakter. They were totally in to the game, many were really dressed up and ready to win!!! :)
The dance group went quite good, in the first group i had 6 girls, it was great and the girls were totally up to learning. But the 2th group was a littel harder, i had 3 girls and 2 of them were very hard to work with. They did not say anything when i asked them something, were talking to each other when i was teaching just did not pay attention at all, they had a BIG attitude problem and i found it very hard to deal with. I(Maibritt) did not know what to to with them, so when we had a brake they did'nt come back, so i was just teaching the one girl wich was very intrested in learning the dance.
We had the climbing wall also, the kids had lot of fun there, going up and down:) After all the activities were over we had a show for them with a drama, a funny dance, the girls were performing the dance that they learnd and then the prices were given out. I think that everybody had i very good time, some parents were there to and they looked very happy.
The last days after SPORT X we have just been relaxing:) but soon starting to plan the sport x in Sweden and Finland.

We are also looking forward to Torsteins visit here:)

Blessings to you all from Maibritt, Annelise, Turid, Markus and Jan:)

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