mandag, november 06, 2006

And Karesuando after Muonio

Hi everyone,

Either you other teams are really busy or really sleeping or on outdoor-snow-activities, I guess it's the first one. At least we are doing all three of them, and enjoying it!
Yes, we have had a really blessed blasted good time up in Muonio where the temprature was as low as -25. For our 3 day trip we borrowed Hanna who is from Finland and DTS-staff here at Borgen, She was a big blessing to the team for all the things she helped with. 10 thumbs up! The Sport-X program went very well, the innebandy tournament was held during school hours, so we had over 100 kids
through the day. Timo our contact-person asked a few teachers to help out with the activities, the others got a day off. We had a band, a dance and our drama in the show after the activities.

During the activities a reporter from the local newspaper showed up and interviewed Markus and I think a few other people. She (17) was an active christian herself and was enthousiast about our initiative.

Besides Sport-X were we invited into two school to do the morning devotion, in Finland there is a 10-15 minutes morning-devotion for the whole school every day, Halleluja! In one school we met an African lady who had been working in YWAM for 12 years around Papua/New Guinea, now she was studying in Muonio. We invited her for a visit to Borgen. During these devotions we shared about YWAM and did a drama.
Another evening we had planned an open meeting with funny drama's, testemonies and worship. 14 kids showed up.

We also got into a meeting with the communal cultural workers from the whole area of Storfjord (our Kommune) to Muonio and Tornio/Haparanda. It was interesting to sit in that meeting and to see what is going on at that level and also to share about what we want to do. Right before we left snowcovered Muonio we were asked for a radio-interview for the local Christian radiostation. Before the interview Hanna played and sang a Finnish song for the radio.

We drove back happily, stopping over in Karesuando to arrange some things for the Sport-X that we plan to have there this week at the 9th! The base has taken the initiative to be there with us that day, this place is really on their and our heart. In the (Gods) work towards arranging Sport-X there we have already seen great blessings. I believe history will be written on that day again in Karesuando, that is our attitude!

Please pray for this that day, we want to see the heavens opened again and the peoples (Swedes, Finns and Sami) saved and united.

Jan Willem

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