onsdag, februar 08, 2006

What happens when the Valle team asks Matthew to update their blog:)

I hope that you are doing well; it has been good to meet with all of you in the team training. Here some news from the countryside Valle:
We are doing well here, things are moving fast and days running like crazy
Right now, we are only three in the team because Ane Barbro will be a way for three weeks.
We came back in 13 of January, continuing what we started before the Christmas.
1- Friday?s club for the kids age (8-12)
2- Helping with the different meetings in the churches in (valle-Bykle-Hovden-hylestad)
3- Dancing Group
4- Spider (Scot)
5- Sports work in Valle school age 8-15 (organizing different tournaments like table tennis , soccer and talking about God through sports and building relationship)
6- Boys club
7- Prayer time and meetings
8- Going to the bubs having some conversation with the people about Jesus
We had a very busy weekend with Fellesmøte, we had several meeting with Elin Fagerbakke in (Valle, Bykle, Helsta, Hovden) churches, kids programs in(helsta, hovde) with games, cocking and teaching
It has been good to have this kind of meetings here.
Thank you for taking time and reading our news
Looking forward to here from you.
God be with all of you,
Valle team

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