tirsdag, februar 28, 2006

The Travelings

Hi people! Chris and I have been traveling the last 2 weeks, and still are actually, good times! First it was up to Volda: Visited the schools and the children's clubs with Øystein and handed out cds! Had a great time with the team; good people! and the super evangelist, Joseph (the man with the beard); a man of God.

Then on to Ålesund: Chris and Øystein in the studio, recording an old and 2 new songs! I got to hang out with the team a bit but they all left on vacations and with girlfriends and stuff...:) Except for Astrid, but she was with her boyfriend:) Good to see Jonas though! Ålesund team rocks!
Got to Grimerud,slept,and headed down to Valle: Chris and Øystein in the schools and children's clubs, and good times with the rock and roll team in Setesdalen! Such good people in the project! The team got to advertise for the Christian clubs after the "Øystein Mot Mobbing" program! It seems people there are open and ready to hear the Good News. Pray for a full new team for Valle in the fall!

God bless!
Matthew, Mattaus, Matt, Matt hev

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