onsdag, desember 07, 2005

no pain, no gain!

Hei og høpp!

No æ det vet og det æ sjo i åi hjå kån sjave!
Ok, I guess you'll understand me better if I write in english...

This week is the second last week here in Volda before we throw ourselves home to mum and dad for some "gimme-gimme- lifestyle" for three weeks... :) We are planning (read: praying for...) KRIK-snow on friday with jibbing, snow-rugby and filming, but the snow is not here... And on saturday, we will arrange a huge "jolebord" (x-mas table?) for the youth here in the church we run this youthwork-thing, so we are running around at the schools to make them come. We have no control over the things, so God have to provide for snow and all the other stuff to work out. God can!

A team from the dts in skien is here to turn Volda upside-down this week, hopefully... But just to make them know where the table is standing (watch my crappy norwenglish here...), we took them up to a mountain-top this morning at 08:00 and made them pray for Volda and see the b-e-a-utiful sunrise. They sat in the car for 14 hours yesterday to get to Volda, so no lazy ministry here. He he :)

And guys, watch out for the workers gathering. Some "don't-do-this-at-home"-videoes may pop up on the screen at the morning-meeting, just to get people excited about the CfJ-project. Not as cool as Blueflame-productions, but close...

Rock on!
Jørn, Team Volda

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